Admission & Tuition

Admission to the CDC

The Child Development Center is designed to provide high quality, full day child-care to the employees of Mentor Graphics Corporation and families from the greater Portland community. Admission to the center is managed by application date for each age group. Priority is given to currently enrolled families and Mentor Graphics' employees. Both full-time and part-time options are available. Standard part-time enrollment options are Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday. At times we are able to accomodate an "unconventional" part-time schedule by combining schedules with other families. There are a limited number of part time spaces available at the Center.

Classroom Placement

Classroom Placement is based primarily on the child's age when entering the program. At times other considerations such as the child's developmental readiness or the composition of the group will influence the decision to place a child in a particular group. We use the following age guidelines, as of September 1st of the school year for which a child is enrolling, when placing a child in a classroom: Puddle, Meadow and Forest - 2 years old and under; Trillium and Dandelion-2 to 3 years; and Pine and Maple -3 to 5 years. Generally, children only change classes as a group each September.


Parents should consider the importance of the choice they are making when enrolling their child in any child care or education program. Care given outside the home should be a good match for your child and for your family needs.

The CDC is only enrolling previously enrolled families and Mentor/Siemens employee families until January 2021. We will continue to run a waiting list for all applicants. Any space that becomes available through attrition will be filled from our waiting list.

We encourage all families to schedule a tour with us in order to see the Center in action and to provide you an opportunity to explore if our philosophy, practices and policies are a good fit for your care and education needs. Tours are scheduled by appointment in conjunction with an enrollment offer only and last approximately one hour.