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Child Development Center

Parent Involvement

Partnerships with Parents

Our goal is to create a partnership with parents that will ensure that each child gets the very best care while at the Center. A coordinated effort between home and school is imperative in establishing the stable environment young children need. A partnership begins with open communication and mutual respect between families and staff.  Your knowledge and preferences are important to us and will form the basis of our initial plan for entry into the Center. You are encouraged to visit your child during the day, participate in classroom activities, take your child from the Center to lunch or on a walk, attend school functions, and help on field trips.  Parent participation in the Center broadens our program to benefit each child.

Open and continuous communication between teachers and parents, working together as a team for the benefit of the child, is essential to each child’s experience in the CDC. Formal parent conferences are scheduled throughout the year; however, both parents and teachers should initiate and schedule conferences as needed. If you have a concern or problem that you have brought to the attention of classroom staff that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, we encourage you to speak with the Education Coordinator or to the Director of the Center.

Open Door Policy

We have an open door policy.  We encourage parent participation in the classroom in a variety of ways.  Individual classrooms provide you with information about opportunities to be involved in the daily life and on-going curriculum of the group. Parents are frequent visitors to their children’s classrooms as their work schedule allows.

Parent Committees

In addition, each year the CDC develops parent/teacher committees around areas of interest for the year.  Committees give parents another opportunity to participate in the work of the CDC in a different, more global way.  Information about this type of participation is provided in the Fall during our first parent meeting.  On-going updates regarding committee work are provided via e-mail throughout the year.

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